Server operating System

DNS Installation and Configuration(lab 3)


  1. In Server manager, click on add roles and features and click next.
  2. Select roles based installation type and click next
  3. Then select the correct server and click next.
  4. In select server role page select DNS server.
  5. Click on add features and click next.
  6. Then click Next –>Next –>install.
  7. when installation completes message comes click close.
  8. After installation go to tools and DNS server.
  9. On DNS manager page, on left side double click on [WIN-TTcc2]
  10. On forward lookup, right click create new zone.
  11. In new zone wizard page, click on next.
  12. Select primary zone and click next.
  13. Give Zone name and click next.
  14. In Zone file, select create a new file with this file name and click next.
  15. Select do not apply dynamic update and click on next.
  16. Click on finish button.
  17. Go to forward lookup zone, right click on domain name and go to new host.
  18. In new host name and assign ip address and click on add host.
  19. Message box will appear and click ok.
  20. In the reverse lookup zone, right click select new zone.
  21. On new zone wizard page, click next.
  22. In zone type, select primary zone and click on next.
  23. In reverse lookup zone name, select network ID, 192.168.1 and next.
  24. In zone file select create a new file with this file name and click next.
  25. In Dynamic update page, click on next
  26. Click finish button.
  27. Go back to reverse lookup zone[right click on the ip address, select new pointer(ptr).
  28. In new resource record, host ip address:
  29. And In host name: and click ok.
  30. After everything is done go to windows 7.
  31. Go to start, type cmd in the search box and press enter.
  32. In cmd prompt type NSlookup.


Note: Here IP address assigned  here can be changed. you can give your own IP and domain name.