History of Java

1990- Sun microsystems decided to develop special software that could be used to manipulate consumer electronic devices.

1991- After exploring the possibility of using the most popular object-oriented language C++, the team announced a new language named “oak”.

1992- The team, known as green project team by sun, demonstrated the application of their new language to control a list of home appliances using a hand-held device with a tiny-sensitive screen.

1993- The green project team came up with the idea of developing web applets using new language that could run on all types of computers connected to internet.

1994- The team developed a web browser called “HotJava” to locate and run applet programs on internet.

1995- Oak was renamed “java”, due to some legal snags.

1996- Sun releases java development kit 1.0.

1997- Sun releases java development kit 1.1 with features like:

  • JDBC,
  • Inner classes,
  • Java beans,
  • RMI (Remote method Involution).

1998- Sun releases java 2 with version 1.2 with features like:

  • Collection framework,
  • Just in time compiler (JIT),
  • Java plugin,
  • Audio support in Applets.

1999- Sun releases Java 2 platform (J2SE ) and enterprise edition (J2EE).

2000- J2SE with SDK 1.3 was released with  features like :

  • Java SMD
  • Jar indexing

2002- J2SE with SDK 1.4 was released with the features like:

  • Xml processing,
  • Logging API,
  • IPV6 support, etc.

2004- J2SE with JDK5.0 (instead of JDK 1.5) was released.

2006- Java SE 6 was released. With this release Sun changed the name from J2SE to Java SE and also removed .0 from version name with enhancement like:

  • Scripting language support,
  • JDBC 4.0 support,
  • XML processing and web services.

2011- Java SE 7 was released with enhancement with:

  • Language enhancement,
  • NIO 2.0
  • Parallel Programming.

2014- Java SE 8 was released with features like :

  • Lambda expression,
  • Pipelines and streams,
  • Parallel operations, etc.

#references: Programming with Java, E Balagurusamy

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