Lab 3 (Virtualization)

what is host?

A host is a computer that uses virtualization software such as ESXI to run virtual machine. Host provides the CPU & memory resource that VM use and give virtual machines access to storage of  network connectivity.


In this tab there are more tables:

  1. General machine
    • Manufacture: VMware
    • Model : VMware virtual platform
    • Cpu cores: 2cpu*1.545GHZ
    • processor type: Intel core I3 cpu @1.90GHZ
    • processor socket:1
    • core per socket:2
    • logical processor:2
    • no. of n/c card:1
    • state : connected
    • Image for file-ESXI 5.5
  2. Resources
    • cpu
    • memory usage
    • storage
    • drive type
    • capacity
  3. Virtual machine
    • In this VM tab now many VM are created & displayed many new VM are created.
  4. Performance tab
    • In the performance tab of VSphere Vclient, the performance chart is displayed, resource used by the VSphere Vclient of the VM.
  5. Configuration tab
    • No of data store created, their capacity device type, free space. we add storage,delete storage,rescan all the devices ,refresh the storage device etc. Using the pie chart the data store created earlier. How much space is left in given data store. No of users & groups created will be displayed in local users & groups tab.
  6. Events
    • Events tab shows the details of each and every event a user is doing in VMware VSphere V client. It will record all store all the entries which is going Vsphere Vclient, such as Description, information, date & time, Target of users.
  7. Permissions
    • The users created in VSphere VClient added in users & groups tab and the role given to each user is displayed in permission tab.


Note: In this post there is no detailed information so, if you wanna learn more refer the text book.