Someone you should know!!!

Clearly, there are three kinds of people I know. First who understate things, second who state the fact as it is, and third who add a little bit of their own perception into everything. I think I fall into the category of first but working my way up. But this article is about a friend of mine who falls into the third category. Someone you should know!

She is someone who cries a bucket of tears when someone else has a break-up. She is someone who has zillions of friends (see I told you I am working my way up!). She is someone who calls a rough ride near-death experience. She is someone who loves bitching, not because she hates anyone, but just for fun. She is someone who has just been married but says she doesn’t feel like married. She is wonderful. She is Bobby.

Okay, so here is how I actually knew her. We were having a reflection session during our training institute. Our friend was explaining how sad she felt when her husband saw her off at the institute. An intense moment for all of us. And I turned around to look at Bobby. She was crying hard, I mean really hard! There were tons of tissue paper in front of her piled up into a heap. Her eyes were big and red and she looked scary. And that’s when I saw how pure she was. She was empathetic and innocent like a 5 year old. And I loved her. By the way, as she is planning to study in India, I am planning to gift her a bucket for I’m not sure what will happen when her own husband will see her off at the airport.

But don’t mistake her soft heart for her weakness. She is a lioness, I tell you! She’s got the courage to give two years of her life selflessly to underprivileged children in a village. She’s got the courage to go against odds and marry someone she loves. She’s got the courage to change the lives of people she cares for. She’s got the courage to win the world with her compassionate heart and bold determination.

And the most important thing is she doesn’t exactly exaggerate stuffs but she really believes in whatever she is adding up. Let me simplify this. If you are her GOOD friend and are considerate, she will add up her own emotions and consider you her BEST friend. Mind you, she is not lying but she actually means it. You show her a little affection and she will double it in her heart and love you back immensely. And if it’s called exaggeration, yes, she exaggerates a lot. An honest exaggeration, I say.

Clearly, from the article, you may guess that I have climbed up the ladder to type 2, even 3. And I’m loving it! Now, coming back to her, she gives a new definition to exaggeration for me by exaggerating honesty, compassion and friendship. For me, she is a magician who can work wonders; the rain maker in the desert. She is funtastic (no, the spelling is correct). She is adorable. She is my Bobby. Someone you should know!

Author: Shina Shrestha, Nepal

I liked this article very much so want to share with you all… How good the person could be!!!!!