(This is fiction story and doesn’t belong to anyone. If it resembles to anyone then it will be only coincidence.)

Life in college

“Take this you will feel relaxed, giving a bottle of water,” I said to him.

He took and drank more than a half of it.

“Is it your first interview?” I asked.

Yes. He replied.

We were in a college placement program where different companies from the country came to allocate us a job. We all are feeling nervous but seeing him I feel like he cannot handle this stress or there is some more problem with him.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Nothing” He replied

After a minute he stared to cry. His eyes became red. Tears rolling down from his eyes, but he tries to hide it. There were many students waiting for their time to come. We were in the last of the queue. Nobody sees him crying except me because I was nearby him. He was trying not to cry but his tears are rolling down time and again.

“What happened?”  If you share you will feel relaxed. Sharing will make you feel good. So, please tell me if I can help.

“What will you do? Why you are concerned on me? Mind your own business.” He angrily answered.

I didn’t say anything. Confused on his behavior and thinking of his rudeness i kept quiet. I was looking at him and he was being relaxed. About five minutes he turned towards me.

“I am sorry. I was so tensed.  I shouldn’t talk with you like this. Sorry once again” He apologized.

It’s ok. But if you don’t share your problems with others you will become more nervous and sadder. You will feel alone so, if you trust me you can share your problems with me. I forced him to talk.

It was started about 4 years before when I got admission in this college.  12th July 2009 I remember this date very clearly. I cannot forget this date in my whole life because this date changed me and my life completely. I passed my 12 board in science from a boarding school in Banaras. I am a middle-class family boy but very bright in studies. He said these in one go and paused.

A middle-class family boy in such a big college is he telling lie or what? If he is true, then from where he got this big money to study here?  I thought in mind.

Confused?  He started to talk.

You are thinking that how a middle-class boy comes in this big college. Isn’t it?

“I stunned”. How he knew this? No. I lied.

Yes, I am a middle-class family boy but very brilliant in studies. I was a board topper in a whole state. Again confused? You are thinking how a board topper is so nervous for an interview. Huh.”

“Raghav Bansal” I hurriedly replied.

“Yes. How do you know?” now he confused.

I am from Allahabad. And your name was everywhere those times. My mother also used to say look how genius he is. I joyfully replied because my own state topper was with me in an interview talking about his life.

He shrugged.

He started. Maybe you are right. Because of that I got admission in this college with full scholarship. I was so, happy to join one of best college in Hyderabad so as my family and friends. In my locality people were saying “his hard work gave him big result. A middle-class family boy got admitted in a college like this is such a big thing.”

I remember my father hugged me and said, “I am proud of you my son.” He said.

Drop of tears fell from his eyes. He took a water and drunk little from it. Different questions were coming in my mind. What happen to him? Why he was feeling low?

10th July 2009 is the date when I was coming from home to Hyderabad. My mom had given me so much of stuffs and it became so heavy for me. I took out many of those from my bag. I quarreled with my mom for this stuff. But today I knew that, that stuff was her love which could take care of me after words in Hyderabad.

He drank water again and continued.

“I was so happy going Hyderabad because this was the first time, I was going out from hometown. I remember when I was in a railway station with my mom and dad and my mom said take care with a tear in her eyes. I was so happy to join such a big college so, frankly, saying I didn’t care anything. But today I realized that tears roll automatically when someone loving goes far.”

Train horn blew. I get on in a train and said bye to my mom and dad.

12th July 2009

“Excuse me”, someone shouted from behind.

I looked back; a boy in a red t-shirt with goggles inside the car shouted again “Are you deaf? Can’t you hear the horn?”

No, I replied in confusion

“Can you please give my car a little side so that I can enter from the gate, sir?” he said teasingly.

I was in the middle of the main gate of campus and stunned seeing the college main block so that I couldn’t hear the horn of the car or anything else.

“Sorry, sorry “, I apologized and step aside

Idiot, he murmured

Everyone in the college premises laughed at me. I felt so embarrassed in the very first day of campus before entering through main gate.

I walked through the gate with my heads down till I reach the main block of the campus. The campus building was so huge that I thought I couldn’t find the auditorium hall where I must take my first orientation class. I saw a group of boys laughing at me. I thought to ask them for the auditorium hall.

Can you help me to find the auditorium hall? I asked one of them

“New admission?” He asked me without answering my question

Yes, I replied

7th floor, 709, he answered my previous question

I thanked him and walked towards the main building. From behind they again laughed at me. I was feeling so embarrassed. Suddenly one boy stopped me and asked me, new admission?

Yes, I replied

Want to go auditorium hall?


“7th floor, 705”, He said.

705 or 709? They said me 709, I asked him

“705 they are lying. I think they are ragging you.”

I thanked him and went to 7 floors of the main block of campus. While I entered the 705, one girl was practicing dance. I was stunned once again. It was not an auditorium, but it was a room for doing different activities like rehearsal of dancing singing and specially for girls.

She looked at me. She was so beautiful, pink lips, brown eyes, straight hair, long eyebrows and a good figure. I figured everything just in a 1 min of time until she shouted.


Na-Na nothing, I replied.

“What are you doing here? This room is only for girls”. she asked me

Auditorium? only thing I spoke

“709”, she answered

I ran out from 705 and hurriedly walked towards 709. I recalled everything what happened just now and felt so sad. I also cursed myself for believing a wrong guy. Different types of thoughts came to my mind making me more and more nervous like, what she thought about me? Who is she?

I knew first impression is a last impression, so different kinds of thoughts are prevailing in my mind till I reach 709.i slowly opened the door of 709. I saw a mass of student listening our principal’s lecture. Suddenly principal sir moved his head towards me and asked.

Who are you?

Sir, Raghav Bansal, 1st year, I answered

You are late Mr. Raghav. It’s been 10 min’s your class has been started. Now what to do?

Sorry sir, I am new to the city and campus so that I couldn’t find the hall, I apologized

“Good way of escaping from punishment my friend. Stand there for 10 min’s”, he ordered.

I felt so bad feeling that in the first day of campus and all the things was happening to me only. I was controlling my tears rolling from my eyes with an embarrassment looking at auditorium hall. When I was looking at students listening to the lecture, I saw the same boy who met me in the campus gate.  He was looking at me.

“Mr. Raghav “, suddenly principal called.

Yes, yes sir, I answered

“What is the distance from earth to the sun”?

92,960,000 miles i.e. 149,600,000 km sir.

“Who is the inventor of computer”?

Charles Babbage in 1822 but it was said that computer was first used in 1613 sir

“Who is the first prime minister of England”?

Sir Robert Walpole and, he was the longest serving prime minister of the country sir.

I was answering all the questions which were relevant or irrelevant to the course. Everyone in the class was looking at me or principal. After about 15+ questions he stopped and said to take my seat. I looked towards the students and saw only a seat besides the same boy with red t-shirt. I took that seat.

Principal again started his lecture. About half an hour he completed his lecture and said best of luck to us for our near future in campus. As soon as he went out of the class, red t-shirt guy stood up and started talking.

“Friends let’s have a round applause for this Champu”

Everyone laughed and clapped for me. I forgot their laughing and only heard the clap for me. I was feeling too much happy.

“Jay Rathod”, Red t-shirt boy gave his hand for handshake

Raghav Bansal, I said and moved my hand for handshake.

“I know, Champu “, he again laughed

Let’s go to the canteen, Jay said and moved towards the exit of auditorium and I followed him.

While we were going to the canteen, I asked him why he called me Champu.

“Look at yourself and others, you will find it”, he replied

I was dressing different then all others. I had put my t-shirt inside my jeans. I was wearing a slipper in jeans. My hair was also looking like 60’s hero. Then I realized that why that group of boys was laughing looking at me and why I was the victim of a ragging among all the newcomers. I became sad.

Jay put my t-shirt out from my jeans and said don’t be sad. Tomorrow you will look different.

How? I asked him

“Why fear, when I am here” he gave a nice dialogue which made me feel little well.

We reached the canteen. Jay was giving order, so he said me to reserve a seat.  I went to the vacant seat and sat. Jay came giving an order of a lunch. We were talking about our homes and all when that group of boys came to the canteen. I also saw that beautiful girl whom I met earlier with them. While I was looking at her, she saw me. She came straight towards me. I felt so scared. My heart was beating very fast while she came near me.

“You are the same guy who came to girl’s rehearsal room right?” she asked

Yes, but it was a mistake. Somebody gave me a wrong address of an auditorium.

“Ragging, finally in this campus. One Champu got ragged”, she laughed and sat near me.

“Priya, go to hell”, jay shouted

I shocked how jay said her go to hell. But I realized that jay knew this girl and her name was Priya.

“Let’s go together”, she replied.

“Sorry Raghav, she is like this only. Oh, I forgot meet my girlfriend Priya”

Hi, I whispered.

“Hello Champu, I mean Raghav ji”, she laughed and said.

I didn’t feel bad, she calls me Champu because she is Jays’ girlfriend and I thought her as my friend too.

Finally talking sometime, she said bye and went.

She is your girlfriend. Isn’t she being senior, I commented on their relationship?

“I will tell you the story afterwards ok Mr. Raghav”, he didn’t answer

Having launch in a canteen Jay took me to one of the best saloons of the place. He described the hair how my hair should be to the barber.  Barber took me to the hair cutting room and about half an hour I came outside the room. Jay looked at me and kissed me on my cheeks and said

“Now you will get this from girls very soon Mr. Raghav.” Barber laughed seeing us.

Jay asked me about all the necessary clothes, but I have everything what he asked so we didn’t have to buy anything. We went for a round of a city in his Mercedes and took our Dinner outside which was Jay’s treat.

He dropped me to the hostel where I was living and said see you tomorrow.

I went inside the hostel.  Clock was striking 10 pm and I went to the dream of my new day to the campus with my new look

13th July 2009

It was 6’ o clock; jay picked me from my hostel. He bought a new BMW car for himself. We went to college. When we entered college, it was about 6:45 so, we had half hour to start class. We went direct to the canteen to have a tea. Canteen was almost empty. We ordered tea. While we were talking about ourselves Priya entered the canteen. She looked jay and said hi to him and looked at me. She didn’t say anything as if she is angry with me. She walked towards us taking her tea.

“Who’s the new guys, jay?” she asked

“It’s Champu Priya.” Jay replied

“Champu! Oh, my god. Is this you Raghav?” she asked

Yup I answered

Priya started again:

“Wow you look so cute and handsome. You look very different the yesterday Raghav I mean you look hot.”

I blushed

She came towards me and gave a long kiss in my cheek. I felt like I was in a heaven but suddenly my phone rung. And I woke up.

I was lying on a bed and that all happened was in my dream. I was so disappointed dreaming about my friend’s girlfriend. I looked at my phone and it was jay. I saw the time, it’s 6:15 and jay was outside my hostel. I rushed towards the bathroom and became fresh in 5 minutes. Since I have selected what to wear, I wore my clothes as fast as I can and went outside.

“Hurry up! Man, we will be late” jay shouted

Sorry, Sorry. I overslept. I apologized

“It’s Ok, but what you were dreaming about? Was it about today’s day being with girls huh!” he asked.

No. I lied because how could I say him that I was dreaming about his girlfriend.

“He laughed and started again; I know Mr. Champu what you were dreaming about. You can’t lie to me.”

I smiled and asked, am I looking Champu today?

You will be always Champu for me Mr. Raghav Bansal. He replied and hit me in my head.

I looked at my watch, its 7:10 when we entered the college premises. While moving towards our classroom I prayed the god for the better day today.

When we entered the classroom, we saw there were no seats left for us except the last two. We went to sit on that thinking it was just made for us.

I looked around the class there were about 52 students in my class, and they were busy with themselves. I was expecting something different like I am a hero, and everyone comes to talk to me, but it was like a dream I saw today what never ever could happen.

I was in myself when Professor Raman came inside. Mr. Raman looks like 52 years of age but had a good personality. He was wearing White shirt, Brown coat with brown shoes, matching tie, Rolex watch which I saw when he enters looking at his watch. He always carries a mug with him of Hot or Cold water in it. Maybe it was his favorite mug.

He introduced himself as Raman Sharma. He was a great lecturer com professor who motivates us to listen, him carefully. He was very attractive with his words. When he was giving lecture on something the rings. I saw my watch it was nine and I couldn’t believe that how time flew listening him. He stopped and said bye and went.

“Hey, aren’t he is interesting?” jay talked

Yes, he is awesome jay. If we get 3-4 teachers like him then we would be clearing all our subjects easily. I replied

“Study, huh! You started dear topper. I am proud of you Mr. Champu” he laughed

After Mr. Raman’s class we had two more class with two shorts break. It was 1 o’ clock when our classes completed for the day. So, we went to the canteen for our lunch.

I went straight to reserve the seat where jay went to order our lunch. In an about 5 minutes our lunch has been served. While eating jay started talking

“What do you think about the teachers, Raghav?”

Well, they all are good, but I liked Mr. Raman very much. I replied

“Oh! Mr. Raman with a Rolex in hand” He said

Yes, you noticed that? I asked

“Yes, I noticed everything he has which is expensive. He had a new launched BMW car too” he replied

BMW car how did you know that he has that car? I asked

“When we were coming to the canteen, I saw him driving that car while going outside” he replied

You are too much with luxuries things, jay. I said

“Yes, I do. I love expensive and luxuries things.” He flattered

Jay somebody shouted.

Jay looked back. It was the same guy who ragged me before.

“Hello Sammer.” Jay replied

He came near us and started talking to jay

“Where have you been yesterday? I was the first boy who started ragging in the college. You should be proud of me. I made a boy go to girls’ room when he was searching for auditorium.” Sammer dictate yesterday’s event

“Here is the Champu boy you ragged Sammer and he is my friend” jay pointed me.

Huh! Sammer stunned. Jay continued

“He is Raghav Bansal and you know he is a state topper”

“Oh, I am sorry Raghav for yesterday. But you know seniors can do normal ragging, isn’t it?” Sameer apologized

Its ok and thank you for that because if you didn’t do that then I would not have got very good friend jay. I said thanking him.

Jay was blushing

“Then I take my sorry back” Sameer laughed and said

“Sammer, you should be sorry to me because you made a Champu my friend” Jay talked and laughed.

We all three laughed for some time.

“Where’s Priya?” Sameer asked to jay

“She is at home. She is feeling sick” jay replied

“Oh, that’s why I haven’t seen her in class. Its ok she will be fine soon” Sameer said

I want to ask how she is. Where she is? What’s her number? But I didn’t because my concern on her will hint Jay that something is going on my mind

“Talk to her, she will feel good. You have her number Na?” jay told Sameer

“Yes, I have” Sameer replied

“And do you want to Mr. Champu?” Jay asked me.

Yes, why not? But I don’t have her number. I replied

Jay gave me the number. I became so happy. I didn’t know what was going on my mind, but I was blushing very much.

We have completed our lunch and we all went to our place. Jay dropped me in my hostel as well as Sammer to his home.

I entered my room and went directly to the bed without changing my clothes. I took out my phone and dialed Priya’s number. After 2 ring I cut the phone.

I was thinking what to say to her. I was so nervous. I haven’t called a girl once in my life. So, different questions were coming in my mind like what to ask, what she will say if I called?

Finally, I gathered some courage and dialed her number back. The phone was ringing, and I was being nervous respectively. Nobody answered the phone till the last ring. I was afraid thinking what happened to her. Why she didn’t receive the phone. Is she alright but I couldn’t gather courage to call her again nor I asked Jay.

After some time, I changed my clothes and went to have dinner in a mess of my hostel. I didn’t feel like eating so completed my dinner in less than 5 minutes and came to my room. I saw my phone, but nothing was there. I was expecting call back from Priya.

Thinking about today’s day without any special things happened with my new looks and expecting a phone call from Priya I went on deep sleep.

What happened then? I asked him (In a college placement Program)

(He was smiling remembering the incident he had earlier in couple of years back forgetting all sorrow he has today.)

“It was the first time I had that feeling in my life” he said

“Are you really in love with your friend’s girlfriend?” I asked.

“No, actually I didn’t know that. Maybe I was attracted towards her because I haven’t seen a beautiful girl like her.” He replied

Ok, then that was an attraction only? I again questioned

“Don’t know” He murmured

So, what happened next? I asked

He had a sip of water and started….

“Wake up-wake up it’s a new day” my alarm rang

I looked at the watch. It was 5:30. I woke up, had a quick bath and got ready for the college. I was waiting for Jay to pick up for college my phone rang. It was unknown number. I received the call.


“Hello Raghav, its jay.”

Oh yes, Jay, where are you? I asked

“I cannot come to receive you today for college. Sorry man. I need to go somewhere else so, please you go college yourself ok.” Jay said

Ok, Jay but what happened? I asked

“Nothing, just some work. Ok bye” saying this he hung up phone.

I was surprised why he was in hurry and didn’t even listen properly. I thought he had some busy schedule at his home so, I let that topic go and went to college by bus.

Thinking today I can meet Priya I searched Priya everywhere but didn’t see her anywhere. I went to my class and looked for Jay but he was also not there. I thought Priya haven’t recover from her ill till now so, she didn’t come college. So, I called jay.

When I called Jay his phone was switched off. I didn’t know what was happening. I called Priya too, but her phone was also switched off.

I was having negative feelings on Priya’s health so, jay is also not available. My heart was beating so fast. I looked for Sameer in a canteen thinking he may know about them, but I didn’t get him there.

I was so worried that I missed my class while trying their phone numbers. I couldn’t think about anything else except them.

I went to Sameer classroom, but his class was going on and couldn’t know he was there or not.

My patience gave up waiting for his class to over and I straight went to his class.

Excuse me sir. I said

“Yes” teacher replied

May I talk to Sameer for a while? I asked him

“Why? Is it so urgent that you couldn’t wait for the class to over?” he asked

Yes, sir little bit. I replied

“Do you know him?” he asked

Yes, sir I know him, and I have an important work with him. It will not take more than 5 minutes so; please can I have a little chat with him? I elaborated

“Ok, Sameer go out. Your fellow wants to talk to you and be quick” he talked with Sameer.

He was there in a classroom. He came outside

“What happened? Why are you here?” he asked.

I just want to know where Jay is. Do you know anything about him? I asked

“Oh, you idiot, for this you called me from the most important class I have?” he shouted.

Sorry for that. But I really want to know about him. I replied

“He is with Priya in a Hospital.” He answered

My heartbeat gone faster than before.

In a hospital. What happened? I asked

“Everything is good. She was ill so he went to see her. That’s it. No problem she will be discharged from hospital tomorrow.” He replied

Oh! How do you know she is alright? If it was so then why Jay would go, there leaving college? I asked him

“She is my neighbor and I talked with her. She told me about this. And you should know they are lovers and he could go anywhere and whenever he likes for her” he answered.

Ok. Thank you. Yes, you are right they are lovers I forgot that. I just worried about Jay. I said

“Jay or Priya?” he smiled and asked

Yes both. I replied

“Ok talk to you later. Bye I need to attend my class” saying he went to the class.

I felt relaxed talking with him and hearing everything was fine. I straight went to my class.

After college I went to hostel and called Jay once again. His phone was on and ringing. He picked the phone

Hi jay. I said

“Hello Raghav. What happened? You called me in this time? He asked

Yes, I want to know about Priya’s health. I said

“She is fine and will be discharge from hospital tomorrow. But how do you know I met Priya?” He asked

I talked to Sameer today and he said about that. I replied

“Ok and how the day today was?” he asked.

Same as it was yesterday. I replied

“Ok then meet you tomorrow at 6. Bye” he said

Bye. I said and hung up the phone.

I thought of talking to Priya also so, I called her. This time she received the call

“Hello who’s this?” Priya asked

Hi Priya, its Raghav. I replied

“Oh! Champu. How are you?” she asked.

I am fine Priya. How are you? How is your health now? I asked

“I am fine now, and I don’t know why they are keeping me in hospital. I am thinking as if I am kidnapped. Hahaha.” she said and laughed

It’s for your health Priya. You will be recovering soon in hospital. Do take care of yourself. I said to her

“Thank you. So nice of you Mr. Champu. Ok bye” she said

Ok bye and once again get well soon Priya. I said and hung up the phone.

I felt so relieved talking with Priya and knowing about her health. I was so happy. Enjoying with myself I went to bed and had a deep sleep.

13 august, 2009

“Hello student, you are having your first internal exams from 30th august 2009.” Mr Raman said.

“What?” jay Shouted

“I don’t know anything and how fast the exam came?” he continued. Surely, I will fail this time.

“Raghav, you have to help me now I don’t know” jay said me.

Sure man. No problem. I replied

“Silent”. Mr. Raman started,” you will be getting all the lessons till now in your exam so study everything.”

Jay became so nervous because he didn’t study anything because of Priya’s health as well as his home problems.

No worries man we will study together. I know mostly everything so; I will help you. You will pass. I said him.

Thank you, Raghav. If you were not there what would i have done? He thanked me.

No sorry, no thank you in friendship bro. I laughed saying this

“Ha Ha Ha.  Copycat. Priya always says this.” He said and laughed.

“Ok thank you for the day student. See you tomorrow”. Mr. Raman said and went.

It was lunch time, so we move towards the canteen.

“Raghav” someone shouted from behind.

I looked back; a girl with a glass was there. She was from my class.

“Hy Raghav I am Nisha. As you know exams are coming so can I have notes of your?” she asked.

Which notes? I questioned

“I think I need all the notes because I admitted college late. So, can you help me?” she asked.

Ok. When you need the notes and when will you return? I asked.

“I will take one by one note of yours. Please give me today one of the subjects”. She asked

Take this. Please return tomorrow ok. I gave her my notes.

“Thank you”. She thanked me

We went towards canteen.

In the way Jay teased me saying why she asked you your notes? What is going on? Something is there huh?

I was smiling because of his teasing and tried ignoring him.

We reached canteen and as per every time I went straight to take sits and jay went to order our lunch. While jay was ordering the food, I was remembering Nisha.

(Nisha was an average girl. She mostly wears “Kurtis” which I like very much. Her eyes are the most beautiful part of her body. She is not slim or not too fat. I can say she is nice looking girl to whom every boy wants in their life)

“Hey, went on Nisha’s dream” jay shouted.

I was shocked. No.  I lied.

Then what about the studies from when we are going to study together? I asked jay

“We will study from tomorrow.  I promised Priya to take her for a movie today so, I have to go with her today.” Jay replied

Oh ho! Two love birds going for movies. I teased him

“Yes, two love birds are taking a corner sit today and watching movies”. He laughed and said.

Yes, carry on. You guys had a day. I said

“Yes, you also come with us. I will book a ticket for you and Nisha”. He teased me again.

Ha Ha. I laughed.

Ask her if she wants to go, I have no problems. I said

“Oh Champu, you love her huh! Good going boy”. Jay asked

Not love. She is good maybe I like her. That’s it. I replied

“Oh, like her in a first meet”? He again questioned

Yes, there is a word “love at first sight” and I have like at first sight. I replied again

“I can’t win you Mr. Raghav you have answers for all questions”. Jay said

I laughed.

We ate our lunch and went to our class. After class jay dropped me by his car near my hostel. I went to my hostel room and became fresh. I drank tea and opened my books. Suddenly my phone rang. It was a unknown number.

“Hello” a sweet voice from other side said

Hello who’s this? I asked

“I am Nisha”. She replied

Yes, Nisha how can I help you? I asked

“Actually, I can’t understand anything can you help me with all this”? She said

Yes, what is the problem Nisha? What you didn’t understand? I asked again

“I don’t know anything of any subjects. I just have a copy with everything in it but don’t know anything”. She replied

Oh, why you haven’t studied, or you didn’t understand anything what teacher taught? I questioned

“I came late in class so; I don’t know basics. Can you teach me basics”? She asked

Ok but what time? Where? I asked

“If it is possible can you teach me after class in a library for an hour in a library”? She said.

Ok will try. I will tell you tomorrow. I replied

“Ok thank you once again.” She thanked me

“It was always my pleasure miss Nisha” I replied

Goodnight Nisha see you in class tomorrow. I said her

“Good night Raghav”. She replied and hung off the phone.

I was so happy because I talked with a girl without being nervous. And, I was so happy to talk to Nisha because she was so friendly, and I think I started liking her.

Thinking all this and keeping books in hand when I went to deep don’t know….

14th august,2009

Oh shit! I woke up and saw the watch.

It was 6 o’clock and even jay didn’t call me for college.

I went to washroom taking phone with me. At about 6:15 jay called me. I picked the phone.

Why are you late Jay? I questioned him

“Dude I slept late yesterday so could not wake up.” he answered.” Why you didn’t call me”? He now questioned me.

Brother I also went on deep sleep I don’t know what happened. I also could not wake up. I replied

“Ok come fast. We will get late for second lecture too.” He said

Wait for 5 minutes. I said and hung of the phone.

It took me hardly 5 minutes to be fresh and change my clothes. We were on the way to college when jay said

“Bro you are late and because of that we will be late sure”

Sorry bro. I replied

“It’s ok, I know you were in Nisha’s dream, but dude don’t make a habit because I don’t want to get late” he said and laughed.

Ha-ha-ha I too laughed.

“You didn’t answer me brother is it you were in Nisha’s dream?” he questioned

No bro I don’t know when I went on sleep. So, may be because of that I can’t wake up. I replied

“Oh because of sleeping you didn’t wake up. Is it or you are lying me? Huh!” he again questioned

Why should I lie to my best friend? Tell me. I replied

“I don’t know may be because you don’t want to share your love life. You talked with her in phone yesterday?” He asked

Yes, she called me for course and all. She doesn’t know so. I answered

“Look I said. You were in her dream at night I am sure Champu.” He laughed and said

No bro it’s not. I said

I said him not but because of his teasing and all I am feeling something about Nisha. I don’t know why but I liked jay taking about her to me and loving his tease with her name.

We reached college. It was 7 when we reached college. Second lecture was about to start so we rushed towards our class. On the way I say Nisha with another girls having water in a collider near my class.

I waved her saying hello. She too replied with hello.

We went to the classroom but on the way, Jay again started to tease me.

“Oh, ho before reaching classroom you saw her. Now your day will go very good.”

Oh, common jay it’s not up to this level. I replied

“Yes, I know Champu what the level is.”  He said

We settled in our seat. I don’t know what happened, but jay’s word made me think twice. Is it? After some time, Nisha entered the classroom and my heartbeat went as fast as if it will come out.

Nisha and her friend came straight to us and said, “Can we sit here so that we can learn something from you about the subject”.

Ok take a seat. I hurriedly replied.

Jay gave a horrible look to me and he laughed.

I tried to ignore him to not let Nisha what’s going around. She sat next to me and her friend next to her.

“At what time we are going to study today?” She asked

Don’t know. We will study in break. Is it ok? I asked her

I am ok with everything. Just I want to study” she replied.

Jay was poking me, so I was shifting towards Nisha unknowingly. I touched her hand and blood ran so fast through my veins.

I apologized and she said its ok.

Professor came and started giving lectures I don’t know what was happening, but I could not concentrate on any lectures. It was break time, so jay said let’s go to the canteen. Nisha also followed us and went with us for lunch. I was talking with Nisha and jay went to talk with her friend.

“You said we will study now, isn’t it?” She asked

Yes, but after lunch. Is it ok? I replied

“I said you earlier that everything is ok for me”. She said.

Ok. So, which subject we will be starting today? I asked her.

“Any subjects what you want to teach. I am weak on every subject”. She replied

Ok then we will start with the hard subject first. I said

We reached to the canteen. Again, I went to reserve the seat but this time she was with me and her friend and jay went to order food for me and Nisha. I felt like Jay and Nisha’s friend came so fast today I don’t know why? Maybe I want to spend more time with Nisha.

“What you all guys are talking about?” jay asked me

“Nothing. Talking about studies what subject should we start today” Nisha replied to jay

“Oh ho, I asked Raghav and you replied what’s going on huh!” Jay teased her

“She blushed and said there are many things going on. What you want to know Mr. Jay”

I was shocked listening what she said to him. I could not utter anything I was still opening my mouth.

Jay touched my chin and closed my mouth. Everyone laughed including me. We planned to study in a library, so I talked with jay and he also said ok. So, we finished our lunch very soon and went to library to study as we must attend lecture also.

We went to library and started to study. In 5 minutes, I gave her a name as duffer because she didn’t know anything even the topic to study. But after teaching her I knew that she was a good catcher. We covered one chapter from subject. I was so happy to teach her because she is so good, and her voice is so cute. I loved to talk with her.

After completion of chapter, we went to class. I went straight to jay, but Nisha went to her friend because they are not sitting together.

“How was the date?” jay said

Date? What you are talking about? There was no any candle and eating things brother.  I joked

“You learned to joke in a day Mr. Raghav?” He questioned

Sometimes it happens bro. She is so cute brother I like her. I shared my felling to him

“Good going Mr. Raghav. One day you will be in love too” he said

Let see. I replied

Sir came and lecture started. Even this time I cannot concentrate on any of lecture. I was just remembering the time spent with her. Lecture got over so we went outside. Nisha came towards me and said bye to me and jay. We too replied as bye then she left.

Jay dropped me to my home and went to his home. At night I messaged Nisha good night.

She replied, “good night, miss you.”

Remembering the beautiful time spent with her I went to a deep sleep.


12 Sept 2009

As per daily routine Jay picked me from my hostel and we reached the college on time.  I was so happy that day because 13th September was my birthday also Nisha and I have planned for going out today for a lunch. But my happiness didn’t last more time as Nisha said she has some work after college and, she is going out of station that day with her family in some function. Jay laughed looking at me saying “Dil tuth gaya Bichare ka” she broke your heart. I became so sad and didn’t feel to sit in a lecture also.

I had made many plans for my birthday. I have planned to spend my full day with Nisha and wanted to propose her. I am fond of her caring nature, behavior, brown eyes, pink lips, red cheek. I was thinking about her and suddenly Jay tapped me in my shoulder and asked

“Hey Devadas, what happen?”

Nothing. I replied

“Then why mood off? You are making your face like your girlfriend rejected you?” he questioned

My mood is not off. I am good. Why you thought like that? I replied

“Your face is showing brother. Don’t take tens. Better luck next time” he said

Hmm. I mummed.

“Bro tomorrow I am going to Priya’s house and I am not coming college tomorrow as her parents are going out of station today and I am staying with her today”. Jay said

Ok. I replied.

I was so sad listening Jay words because tomorrow was my birthday and my best friend as well as my love will not be with me.

“Sorry brother I won’t be in your birthday tomorrow because Priya and I didn’t get to spend much time together nowadays.” Jay apologized for not being with me.

It’s ok Jay at least you remember my birthday. I said to jay

“How could I forget your birthday brother? You are my best friend” he asked

I replied with Thanks.

That day Nisha didn’t talk with me much because she was Busy in many things and also, she went directly home after college. I felt uncomfortable about her behavior as if she is hiding something with me.

After college Jay left me to the hostel and he went his home. Entering towards my room I thought about Nisha and her behavior. Her thought wasn’t going out from my Mind therefore I called her.

“Hello Raghav” Nisha on phone

Hello Nisha.

“Why you called Raghav. What happen?” She asked me

Why I cannot call you? I said

“No, you can. I thought that you have some work and called” she told

No, no works. I just called because I was missing you. I also want to ask you something. Can I? I asked her

“Yes, Raghav say. But be quick because I am little busy today”. She answered

I won’t take your more time. I only wanted to know what happened to you today. I asked

“Nothing. Why?” She answered with a questioned

Your behavior was not good today. I want to know what happened. If you think me as your friend, then please say. I forced her to speak

“Actually, my parents was taking me tomorrow to see some guy for marriage.” She replied

What? I questioned

“Yes. I don’t want to marry soon but my parents like him very much and I don’t have any option.” She replied

“Ok I am going my mother is calling me. Sorry Raghav I am in hurry.” She said and hung off the phone.

Wait. I was saying but line was already disconnected.

My heart broke into a piece. Tears rolled from my eyes. I couldn’t believe what Nisha said me on phone. I was in full shock. I could not control my tears to fall and my hand was shaking very much. I thought as I fall from the high hill. I slept in a bed thinking about my love who was going very far from me and I could not do anything. Thinking about her and tears in my eyes I went in a deep sleep.

“Muskurane ki vaja tum ho” my phone rang

I woke up saw the watch it was only 11:25. I saw the name its Priya calling.

Hello Priya. What happened? Why you called this late? I asked

“Raghav please come to my home. Jay got a small accident. His leg is broken, I think. Let’s take him to the hospital” Priya replied

What? How this happened? I asked

“I will explain you please come fast Raghav and Thank you for help.” She said and hung off the phone.

I couldn’t believe in my ears. I wear my shoes and asked a bike to one of my friends in hostel and rushed to Priya’s place. Priya’s place is 25 KM from my hostel so I took like half an hour to reach her home.

Sameer was standing outside the Priya’s house.

What happened? Where’s Jay? I asked

“He is inside. He is fine now.” Sameer replied

How it happened? And why are you here? Let’s go inside. I said to him

“I am waiting one of my friends. He is on the way. 5 minutes wait.” He said me.

Ok. I said

We were waiting for Sameer friend and suddenly his phone rang.

“What you not coming? I am waiting for you for 15 minutes. Never talk with me now. bye” Sameer scolded his friend in Phone and hung off the phone.

“Let’s go up. He is not coming” he said me, and we went inside.

Sameer Rang a bell. Priya opened the door.

How is he now? Where’s he? I asked Priya

“He is inside. Come.” She welcomed me.

I went inside.

“Surprise. Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you Raghav.” This sound was coming from everywhere in the room.

I was my Surprise birthday party and I am shocked seeing everyone from the class. I was so happy. Jay came to me with his fit and fine body and said

How can I miss your birthday party Mr. Champu

“Thank you Yaar. I am feeling so special. Thank you so much.” I thanked Jay Priya and all other Friends.

I was thanking everyone going to them and suddenly I saw Nisha with a cake in her hand singing Happy Birthday to you. I felt so happy seeing her and was about to hug her. But I controlled my feelings because everyone was there.

You didn’t go? I asked Nisha

“You come and cut the cake. Don’t talk much”. Nisha replied

I didn’t say anything and cut the cake. That time I was feeling like I am in heaven. I got more than what I thought in my dream. I expected her full day, but I am spending time with her from the starting of my day. I was so happy.

Suddenly Nisha caught my hand and took me to the Priya’s room. I could not believe that she did this in front of so many people. She made me sit in a bed and lock the room from inside. I could not understand what was going on, but it was very beautiful.

After locking the door Nisha came near me and…

To be continued……

(I want the review of my story so, please do comment on how you see this story)

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